Turn Laptop Screen Into External Monitor

Do you have an old laptop, and the LCD screen left it untouch and not sure what to do with it. Check out how this dude turn his laptop screen into external monitor, it’s cool isn’t it?




For more photos follow the link here

HTC One M7 USB Device Not Recognized

For the past few days, I’ve been searching solution to solve the “USB Device Not Recognized” error in Windows 6 64 bits with HTC One M7 phone; what really annoyed me is, the HTC One M7 connected in Mac OSX without any problem, we can do ADB devices or Fastboot command without any fail.

But, when the phone connected to Windows 7 machine, it said “USB Device Not Recognized”. After battling with restarting the machine, install and uninstall HTC Sync Manager Software, or HTC Phone driver.. It still not working as expected. I decided to leave it aside and do what I should do in OSX environment.

After fixing some issue on the phone, I still cannot accept the problem happened in Windows 7 machine (Being an engineer with the never give up hat), I decided to give another try and find out the problem; and the problem solved.

I never thought it could be the cable problem, because it worked well in Mac OSX. Until I couldn’t figure any solution, I tried change the USB cable… Boom! Problem solved.

How pathetic it’s? Spending so much time tangling with the software, but in the end is the cable problem. At least, it’s working now.

Uh… Why am I still using USB to connect? I was trying to unroot the phone. Will share the post on How to unroot HTC One M7 and make it looks like a “stock” phone.

Bloody Cable! or Maybe Windows problem 😉



How to Stream Spotify Desktop with Rocki

Just received MyRocki, hot from the oven and I am proud of backing this project on Kickstarter. Was wondering how to stream the music from Spotify Desktop on Mac, didn’t realize that you can select Output from sound setting.

Hold the “Option” key on your Mac and click on the “Speaker” icon on top on the windows.


If the “Speaker” icon is not available on top of the windows, you can find it at “System Preferences”



I think I don’t have to mention how to stream it via iOS device like iPhone and iPad. Once Rocki is setup you will be able to see the stream options for selection.

How to Disallow or Rate Limit Web Server Mail in Exim

Recently one of the apache webserver’s vhost was compromise and allow spammer to use the script to perform massive outgoing email spam. As usual, due to un-patch WordPress’s engine from a user on the web server. Ended up the “hacker” been using the PHP’s mail() function sending a massive 100k++ outgoing email to email provider such as yahoo mail and gmail. Read the rest of this entry »

What is mdworker Working On Right Now

I just did a clean install of OSX Mavericks, after migrated important via Migration Assistant, the mdworker on OSX Mavericks is busy indexing stuff.

You will see a bunch of mdworker(s) doing their work in Activity Monitor

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 12.29.30 AM

If you want to find out what are mdworker(s) working on, can try this command in the terminal

$ sudo fs_usage -w -f filesys mdworker

If you found out there are folders you don’t want Spotlight to index, can add it into Privacy tab on Spotlight’s preference.