Excel Logo Quiz Part 2 Cracked

Most of the time, the Excel Logo Quiz circulated in the internet doesn’t provide answer. Most of the player who played the quiz is tempted to get the answer. To become a kind internet citizen, here is the Part 2 Excel Logo Quiz cracked with answer on the cell. Click on the smiley to find out the answer.

10 Responses to “Excel Logo Quiz Part 2 Cracked”

  1. cindy Says:

    Hi. I’ve downloaded the logo quiz part 2 but when i clicked on the smiley, the answer doesn’t come out as in the screen capture. Could you put up the answer like you did for logo quiz 1? thanks.

  2. mike Says:

    after you click on the smiley, excel will pop-up a message saying “blablabla… protected..” click ok.
    the cursor will highlight on a cell behind the LOGO image. the answer is on the formula bar on top (near to
    the toolbar buttons)

  3. zanif Says:

    i can’t download the answer for both part 1 & 2 of thelogo quiz. It says ‘a connection with the server could not be established’

  4. Aj Says:

    Hey u have written some script in that file na? which is harmful?

  5. chad Says:

    thanks for the help. By the way, for questions 76-90, with symbols of infiniti and daewoo (the second one), there seem to be a problem, though they really belong to infiniti and daewoo, both answers are not considered right.

  6. Sreejith Says:

    Hey Help Me Guys I Want all Answers Of LOGO QUIZ PAT 2

  7. Senthilkumar Says:

    Hey… Someone please send me the answers for LOgo Quiz 2….

    Awaiting for your reply!!!!

  8. raj Says:

    answer : unprotect the sheet (no password required), the answers are hidden behind the images. just try selecting the cell just behind the image, u will get the answers.

  9. sunil Says:

    i did try the unprotect option but it is asking for a password. i need all the answers for the quiz. can someone who completed help me?

  10. Gruia Says:

    Thanks a lot for the solution! I think I have been trying to solve this damn quiz since 2006. It would have taken a lot of worldwide traveling on my part to encounter all of those logos. Slovak Telecom?? Sheeesh!!

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