Restore Missing Menu Bar or Menulet in Mac OSX Leopard

One of my colleague menu bar / menulet is missing on her Max OSX Leopard. The time and date icon, airport icon, battery icon and others all gone missing some where. I refer to the system.log, it seem like systemui crash with some application. Here is the quick and easy way to restore your OSX Leopard Menu Bar / Menulet if you have the same problem happened to your Mac.

Click on Finder, refer to your Home directory (usually it’s your Mac’s login name), go to Library folder. And now, rename the Preferences folder to Preferences.Backup. Next, restart your Mac (not logout, restart). Please take note that it will take some time to boot up, if it freeze, turn it off and turn it on again.

Now, I believe you can see your menu bar is back, if you want the previous Preferences files to be loaded, copy it from Preference.Backup folder you have renamed earlier to Preferences folder, DO NOT replace the file it has created by the system default because the same problem may occur again.

That’s it!

2 Responses to “Restore Missing Menu Bar or Menulet in Mac OSX Leopard”

  1. ezra Says:

    I’m in 10.5.4 , and it tells me I can’t modify the preference folder can not be modified

  2. Mr A Cotton Says:

    I am not technically minded. I was trying to put something in the Toolbar at the top,but i must have done something wrong,because the Title Bar with the Red,Yellow,and green lights are not showing.
    The Title Bar hides and shows when you put the cursor at the top- Safari,File,Edit,View-ect..
    Can you help me please.

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