You Must Restart Your MacBook Now

Apple Macbook Restart

Apple Macbook Restart Error Message

Got this error message from my machine 2 days ago, this is the first time I saw Apple Macbook error message, the reason why the message popup was because I have accidentally removed my mobile phone USB charger without doing proper removal/hardware eject.

Only Choice, Restart It!

When you see this screen appear, the only thing you can do, hold the Power Button, turn your Macbook off and turn it on again. It’s similar to Microsoft “blue screen”, but as always, Apple give you better User Interface experience 😉

Menza Puzzle Excel Sheet Cracked

Menza Puzzle quiz answer, download here.

Excel Logo Quiz Part 2 Cracked

Most of the time, the Excel Logo Quiz circulated in the internet doesn’t provide answer. Most of the player who played the quiz is tempted to get the answer. To become a kind internet citizen, here is the Part 2 Excel Logo Quiz cracked with answer on the cell. Click on the smiley to find out the answer.

Changing Default Mail Application in Mac OS X

No matter how many times I tried to configured Thunder Bird as default mail application in Thunder Bird Preference, it will still open up / Entourage when I click on a mail link on Firefox Browser.

It’s kinda annoying, especially you accidentally click on a mail link on a website, and it took like years to fire up Entourage and ready to compose the email. In Mac OS X, there is no control panel to set default application like Windows/Linux. To solve the default mail application problem, it has to configure from Preference, refer to the picture below.

Mac OSX iTerm: Arrow Key Not Working in VI/VIM

If your arrow keys are not working with iTerm during using VI/VIM.
Try add this line into /etc/bashrc or .profile


After that

source ~/.profile (if you edit in .profile)
source /etc/bashrc (if you edit in bashrc)

Arrow keys working in VI/VIM now? Good luck