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HTC One M7 USB Device Not Recognized

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

For the past few days, I’ve been searching solution to solve the “USB Device Not Recognized” error in Windows 6 64 bits with HTC One M7 phone; what really annoyed me is, the HTC One M7 connected in Mac OSX without any problem, we can do ADB devices or Fastboot command without any fail.

But, when the phone connected to Windows 7 machine, it said “USB Device Not Recognized”. After battling with restarting the machine, install and uninstall HTC Sync Manager Software, or HTC Phone driver.. It still not working as expected. I decided to leave it aside and do what I should do in OSX environment.

After fixing some issue on the phone, I still cannot accept the problem happened in Windows 7 machine (Being an engineer with the never give up hat), I decided to give another try and find out the problem; and the problem solved.

I never thought it could be the cable problem, because it worked well in Mac OSX. Until I couldn’t figure any solution, I tried change the USB cable… Boom! Problem solved.

How pathetic it’s? Spending so much time tangling with the software, but in the end is the cable problem. At least, it’s working now.

Uh… Why am I still using USB to connect? I was trying to unroot the phone. Will share the post on How to unroot HTC One M7 and make it looks like a “stock” phone.

Bloody Cable! or Maybe Windows problem 😉



How to Install Android ADB in Mac OSX

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Wanted to root your Android phone and flash it with custom ROM?

Before flashing your Android phone with custom ROM, you need custom Recovery ROM such as

  • ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM)
  • Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP)

The default “Recovery ROM’ comes with your phone does not allow to flash/install custom ROM. Hence, before flashing your phone with custom ROM, custom “Recovery” is needed. Before flashing custom “recovery ROM”, you need tools to do that.

adb & fastboot are the tools which will use to flash Android’s “recovery” ROM. Let’s see how to install ADB & FASTBOOT in Mac OSX.


Twitter for Android Supports Multiple Account

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Twitter for Android Supports Multiple Account

Twitter for Android Supports Multiple Account, this has made my life easier, and also made it as the best Twitter Apps for Android.

Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android Supports Multiple Account, a Big Thanks

I believe people who do a lot of social network stuff has more than 1 twitter account. I have at least 2 Twitter Apps running on my Android one, one is Twitter Apps another is Twidroyd Apps to support my multiple twitter profile accounts.

Now I can just run one Twitter Apps in Android phone, which I believe will contribute to better battery life 😉

Twitter for Android Supports Multiple Account, Benefits

New Twitter for Android also supports push notification for tweets, mentions and direct message, which can help to save more on your battery life on Android. Try the new Twitter for Android and share your battery life experience with us.